1. Both practical and theoretical dental courses, as well as medical courses, abbreviated as Courses, are training courses designed for dentists, or other persons related to the operation of a dental practice or the dental market, hereinafter referred to as Participants.
  2. The course can be held in the form of a theoretical lecture, lecture and demonstration, lecture and practical workshop, or as other activities of a teaching nature.
  3. The organizer of the Course is Digital Dental Education Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz.

NIP 898-20-46-691 with its registered office in Polanica-Zdrój (57-320) 16 Łąkowa St.


  1. Any person may become a participant of the Course, who expresses – by e-mail, telephone, during the purchase of the Course through the site or in any other customary way – the desire to participate in the Training.
  2. The participant, by registering for the course, accepts the rules set forth in these regulations.
  3. Only an adult can be a participant in the course.
  4. The participant should provide the data necessary for the issuance of an invoice and a certificate/certificate.

Responsibilities of the course organizer

  1. The organizer of DIGITAL DENTAL EDUCATION provides an appropriate lecture hall capable of accommodating an adequate number of listeners (12 people) at the ESTETIQUE Implantology and Digital Dentistry Center in Polanica-Zdrój equipped with audiovisual equipment and appropriate technical facilities. In the case of practical classes, the training organizer shall provide participants with workstations for conducting these classes. 
  2. The organizer shall ensure safety at the course site in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  3. The organizer provides the course in accordance with the previously published program.
  1. The organizer ensures a high level of content of the course, implemented by lecturers with appropriate qualifications and competencies.
  2. The organizer issues a certificate of completion of the course and/or, in the case of courses registered with the Medical Chamber, a certificate of completion with the appropriate number of educational credits.

Registration with payment obligation

  1. Applications for participation are accepted electronically by completing the application form at , or by telephone 792-554-335 , no later than 7 days before the training. After this deadline, application for participation is allowed by prior telephone arrangement with the Organizer. Sending a completed application form is at the same time confirmation of reading and acceptance of these regulations. 
  2. Placing an order for a given training course entails payment within 7 days of registration. The amount of the fee to be paid after registration is given in the description of the given course and in these regulations.

Course fees 

The course consists of two modules. Each module lasts 2 days and costs 5250 zloty.

a) Module I – Scan, Plan, Be Digital – Digital Prosthetics from the Ground Up

b) Module II – Scan, plan, be digital – Digital smile design

  1. When purchasing two modules at the same time, each participant will receive a 10% discount on the entire course.
  2. The participant is obliged to pay a deposit in the amount of 60% of the value of the course or the entire price for the course no later than 7 days from the date of “registration with obligation to pay” or written notification by the Organizer of the need to pay the aforementioned deposit (the Organizer may agree in writing to another mode of payment). The deposit will reduce the price of the course.
  3. The participant is obliged to pay the course price minus the deposit no later than 30 days before the start of the course.
  4. In the event of non-performance of the agreement for reasons attributable to the Organizer, the deposit is refundable only in the amount paid by the Participant.
  5. Failure to receive the payment (deposit) to the Organizer is considered a withdrawal of the application qualifying for participation in the training. 
  6. In case of absence of the Participant from the training without prior statement of cancellation, the Organizer will not refund the training fee. 
  7. Payment of fees with the possibility of installments for participation in the course are subject to a separate agreement on the terms and conditions of participation in the course.

Details for payment of fees

Those wishing to participate in the course, after prior application by phone or e-mail or through the website, and after confirmation of acceptance to the course by the Organizer, pay money to the following account:

Santander Bank Polska S.A.
55 1090 2327 0000 0001 4406 8461

Other information

  1. A participant who has paid for the course and has not informed the Organizer of his/her absence 31 days prior to the specified course date or has canceled attendance in less than 31 days the amount paid is not refundable. 
  2. A participant who has paid for the course and cancels more than 31 days in advance will be refunded 100% of the amount paid.
  3. Each Participant, enrolling in the course by phone or e-mail, gets confirmation of participation by e-mail.
  4. As a prerequisite for participation in the course, you will need to provide your address information (as for invoicing) along with a contact phone number and email address.
  5. The organizer, for reasons beyond his control, may cancel the course, at the same time giving the next training date.


  1. The courses are held at the dates and locations stated in advance in the information/advertising materials or on the website
  2. For organizational reasons, the maximum required number of people willing to participate in training is regulated by the Organizer and dictated by the type of training. In case of great interest in the training, a reserve list is opened (the order of applications and payments applies). Subsequent persons from the reserve list about the released place are immediately informed by the organizer. 
  3. The prerequisite for participation in the Training is: 

a. availability of free places; 

b. application for participation accepted by the Organizer, 

c. payment of the entire fee in the amount specified by the Organizer for participation in the training by the date agreed with the Organizer. 

  1. If the course is canceled for reasons of force majeure , the Organizer undertakes to conduct the course on a new date, without charging any additional fees. Also in the event of such a change, Participants have the right to withdraw from the course, and the Organizer undertakes to refund 100% of the amount paid.
  2. Refunds, resulting from these regulations, will be made by wire transfer to the Participant’s account.

Organizational notes

  1. Participants, by submitting an application for participation in the training, provide their personal data voluntarily specifically and knowingly for the purposes of concluding a contract with the Organizer to conduct the training/workshop. All information regarding the processing of personal data, is available in the information clause attached to these regulations. Data processing for other purposes will be carried out on the basis of applicable laws or consent expressed by the Participant.
  2. Participants at any time are to exercise the rights of those whose data is processed by the Organizer.
  3. Digital Dental Education evaluates the satisfaction of participants and the effectiveness of the training provided through a training satisfaction survey or other survey methods during or immediately after the training. 


  1. Course participants can e-mail course reviews, feedback, both positive and critical, as well as suggestions for changes in course programs, topics for new courses, suggestions for organizational improvements, etc. All such suggestions will be considered by the Organizer with special care.

Funding from external institutions

The signing of the agreement with the external institution making the funding constitutes confirmation of registration for the course.

Other regulations

  1. Digital Dental Education Company, as the Organizer of the courses, wishes to provide participants with the highest level of content and organization of the courses, therefore, issues not covered by these regulations will be considered in accordance with common sense and customary solutions, above all, beneficial to the Participants of the courses
  2. These regulations are effective as of March 01, 2022. 
  3. These Regulations may be amended by the Organizer: DIGITAL DENTAL EDUCATION PAWEŁ SZUBA-PASZKIEWICZ in any way and at any time, but the Organizer is obliged to notify the Institutions to which it was submitted, including in particular the Lower Silesian Medical Chamber in Wroclaw, of such changes.

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